Welcome to Literary People!

I love reading literature, which is one reason that I began this virtual book club.  As a literature professor I tend to teach courses in my areas of expertise but I also like exploring texts outside of my specialties.  Literary People is a casual, fun book club in which we can all explore a wide range of texts and discuss them in a forum.  Follow along on Goodreads here and/or engage in our discussion on Facebook here.

The club has been on-and-off since 2014 as I have tried to find a groove as a single mom who loves to read.  One goal  is to have 20 members by the end of 2018 and to organize club meetings in person or through video conferencing.  But until then, I hope you’ll join me in creating a comfortable, enthusiastic space for literature-lovers interested in reading and discussing texts on intimate terms.


Welcome to the club!



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